Hoàng Hùng*, Trần Lê Uyên Phương*, Đo lường năng lực cạnh tranh của Công ty Cổ phần xe khách Thừa Thiên Huế trên địa bàn tỉnh, Tạp chí Giáo dục và Xã hội, ĐB 1(Tháng 4/2019), tr. 335-340.

* Trường Cao đẳng Giao thông Huế


The study has surveyed 05 enterprises with relatively large scale compared to the remaining enterprises in Thua Thien Hue province in terms of competitiveness in the field of road passenger transport business. Research results show that, for the assessment of external factors on competitiveness, there is no difference (similar). However, the assessment of internal factors has a disparity in competitiveness, although the difference is not large, but it has affirmed the strengths and weaknesses of enterprises. Through this research result, Thua Thien Hue Passenger Car Joint Stock Company has a basis to locate its competitiveness, as well as refer to research results in order to constantly improve its competitiveness.

Key words: Competition, competitiveness, passenger cars, joint stock companies.